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[etree]Guta Live at Sunset Beach Resort on 2005-06-12 - Guta
Disc 1 01. Francine->??->??->Francine 02. Lay Down Sally (Clapton) 03. Improper Motion 04. My Heart Was In Trouble 05. Garden Dream 06. The Equity 07. Rotweiller 08. The Planet 09. One AM Disc 2 01. Jam->Jungle Nile*-> 02. Drum and Bass solo->Jam-> 03. Live Wire 04. d2t04 ?? 05. The Clone 06. Tone Jonna 07. Why Would I Have Lied->Room # 9 08. Cold Blood In THe Night 09. God Has His Hands On You 10...
Keywords: harmonica
Downloads: 2,338
[etree]Guta Live at The Jewish Mother on 2006-12-22 - Guta
Disc 1 01 Tables Are Turning # 02 Freeload 03 Folsom Prison Blues 04 banter 05 The Equity * 06 banter 07 The Planet * 08 Other Side * # Beginning cut off * with Cory Potrafka (The Electric Fuzz Band, 8 Track, Octopus) on keys
Downloads: 1,088
[etree]Guta Live at The Blind Tiger on 2006-04-22 - Guta
Disc 1 1. Improper Motion 2. Your Spell 3. The Moon 4. Wicked Fire 5. Francine 6. Deep End 7. Peg 8. New Creature 9. Over Our Heads 10. Gina Gentry 11. 72 Disc 2 1. Rotweiller 2. Shine Bone 3. Music and Art 4. I Think I'll Do Without 5. Clone 6. Badfish 7. Equity 8. Please Wait 9. Push
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 9,267 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[collection]Guta - Guta
GutaFree Guta concerts. Trade-friendly Live Music Archive concerts are available for download and/or streaming in formats including mp3, flac, and ogg vorbis.
Downloads: 1,210,959
[texts]Ḳlore ṿolḳns lider un saṭires - Guterman, Guta
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 70
[texts]Fisher information and asymptotic normality in system identification for quantum Markov chains - Madalin Guta
This paper deals with the problem of estimating the coupling constant $\theta$ of a mixing quantum Markov chain. For a repeated measurement on the chain's output we show that the outcomes' time average has an asymptotically normal (Gaussian) distribution, and we give the explicit expressions of its mean and variance. In particular we obtain a simple estimator of $\theta$ whose classical Fisher information can be optimized over different choices of measured observables...
Downloads: 11
[texts]Der opgrunṭ royshṭ lider - Guterman, Guta
Collected poems, many on holocaust themes; foreword by Binem Heller
Downloads: 89
[texts]An invitation to quantum tomography - Richard Gill
We describe quantum tomography as an inverse statistical problem and show how entropy methods can be used to study the behaviour of sieved maximum likelihood estimators. There remain many open problems, and a main purpose of the paper is to bring these to the attention of the statistical community.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Minimax estimation of the Wigner function in quantum homodyne tomography with ideal detectors - Madalin Guta
We estimate the quantum state of a light beam from results of quantum homodyne measurements performed on identically prepared pulses. The state is represented through the Wigner function, a ``quasi-probability density'' on $\mathbb{R}^{2}$ which may take negative values and must respect intrinsic positivity constraints imposed by quantum physics. The data consists of $n$ i.i.d. observations from a probability density equal to the Radon transform of the Wigner function...
Downloads: 21
[texts]Local asymptotic normality in quantum statistics - Madalin Guta
The theory of local asymptotic normality for quantum statistical experiments is developed in the spirit of the classical result from mathematical statistics due to Le Cam. Roughly speaking, local asymptotic normality means that the family varphi_{\theta_{0}+ u/\sqrt{n}}^{n} consisting of joint states of n identically prepared quantum systems approaches in a statistical sense a family of Gaussian state phi_{u} of an algebra of canonical commutation relations...
Downloads: 11
[texts]Systems identification for passive linear quantum systems: the transfer function approach - Madalin Guta
System identification is a key enabling component for the implementation of new quantum technologies, including quantum control. In this paper we consider a large class of input-output systems, namely linear passive quantum systems, and study the following identifiability question: if the system's Hamiltonian and coupling matrices are unknown, which of these dynamical parameters can be estimated by preparing appropriate input states and performing measurements on the output? The input-output map...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Optimal cloning of mixed Gaussian states - Madalin Guta
We construct the optimal 1 to 2 cloning transformation for the family of displaced thermal equilibrium states of a harmonic oscillator, with a fixed and known temperature. The transformation is Gaussian and it is optimal with respect to the figure of merit based on the joint output state and norm distance. The proof of the result is based on the equivalence between the optimal cloning problem and that of optimal amplification of Gaussian states which is then reduced to an optimization problem fo...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Symmetric Hilbert spaces arising from species of structures - Madalin Guta
Symmetric Hilbert spaces such as the bosonic and the fermionic Fock spaces over some `one particle space' $\K$ are formed by certain symmetrization procedures performed on the full Fock space. We investigate alternative ways of symmetrization by building on Joyal's notion of a combinatorial species. Any such species $F$ gives rise to an endofunctor $\G_F$ of the category of Hilbert spaces with contractions mapping a Hilbert space $\K$ to a symmetric Hilbert space $\G_F(\K)$ with the same symmetr...
Downloads: 12
[texts]Generalised Brownian Motion and Second Quantisation - Madalin Guta
A new approach to the generalised Brownian motion introduced by M. Bozejko and R. Speicher is described, based on symmetry rather than deformation. The symmetrisation principle is provided by Joyal's notions of tensorial and combinatorial species. Any such species V gives rise to an endofunctor F_V of the category of Hilbert spaces with contractions. A generalised Brownian motion is an algebra of creation and annihilation operators acting on F_V(H) for arbitrary Hilbert spaces H and having a pre...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Local asymptotic normality for finite dimensional quantum systems - Jonas Kahn
We extend our previous results on local asymptotic normality (LAN) for qubits, to quantum systems of arbitrary finite dimension $d$. LAN means that the quantum statistical model consisting of $n$ identically prepared $d$-dimensional systems with joint state $\rho^{\otimes n}$ converges as $n\to\infty$ to a statistical model consisting of classical and quantum Gaussian variables with fixed and known covariance matrix, and unknown means related to the parameters of the density matrix $\rho$...
Downloads: 25
[texts]Quantum U-statistics - Madalin Guta
The notion of a $U$-statistic for an $n$-tuple of identical quantum systems is introduced in analogy to the classical (commutative) case: given a selfadjoint `kernel' $K$ acting on $(\mathbb{C}^{d})^{\otimes r}$ with $r
Downloads: 13
[texts]Quantum learning: optimal classification of qubit states - Madalin Guta
Pattern recognition is a central topic in Learning Theory with numerous applications such as voice and text recognition, image analysis, computer diagnosis. The statistical set-up in classification is the following: we are given an i.i.d. training set $(X_{1},Y_{1}),... (X_{n},Y_{n})$ where $X_{i}$ represents a feature and $Y_{i}\in \{0,1\}$ is a label attached to that feature. The underlying joint distribution of $(X,Y)$ is unknown, but we can learn about it from the training set and we aim at ...
Downloads: 16
[texts]On Asymptotic Quantum Statistical Inference - Richard D. Gill
We study asymptotically optimal statistical inference concerning the unknown state of $N$ identical quantum systems, using two complementary approaches: a "poor man's approach" based on the van Trees inequality, and a rather more sophisticated approach using the recently developed quantum form of LeCam's theory of Local Asymptotic Normality.
Downloads: 18
[texts]Quantum teleportation benchmarks for independent and identically-distributed spin states and displaced thermal states - Madalin Guta
A successful state transfer (or teleportation) experiment must perform better than the benchmark set by the `best' measure and prepare procedure. We consider the benchmark problem for the following families of states: (i) displaced thermal equilibrium states of given temperature; (ii) independent identically prepared qubits with completely unknown state. For the first family we show that the optimal procedure is heterodyne measurement followed by the preparation of a coherent state...
Downloads: 11
[texts]Stochastic Schrodinger equations - Luc Bouten
A derivation of stochastic Schrodinger equations is given using quantum filtering theory. We study an open system in contact with its environment, the electromagnetic field. Continuous observation of the field yields information on the system: it is possible to keep track in real time of the best estimate of the system's quantum state given the observations made. This estimate satisfies a stochastic Schrodinger equation, which can be derived from the quantum stochastic differential equation for ...
Downloads: 11
[texts]The elusive Heisenberg limit in quantum enhanced metrology - Rafal Demkowicz-Dobrzanski
We provide efficient and intuitive tools for deriving bounds on achievable precision in quantum enhanced metrology based on the geometry of quantum channels and semi-definite programming. We show that when decoherence is taken into account, the maximal possible quantum enhancement amounts generically to a constant factor rather than quadratic improvement. We apply these tools to derive bounds for models of decoherence relevant for metrological applications including: dephasing,depolarization, sp...
Downloads: 18
[texts]Asymptotic inference in system identification for the atom maser - Catalin Catana
System identification is an integrant part of control theory and plays an increasing role in quantum engineering. In the quantum set-up, system identification is usually equated to process tomography, i.e. estimating a channel by probing it repeatedly with different input states. However for quantum dynamical systems like quantum Markov processes, it is more natural to consider the estimation based on continuous measurements of the output, with a given input which may be stationary...
Downloads: 18
[texts]Treatment adherence redefined: a critical analysis of technotherapeutics. (Volume 20) - Gagnon, Marilou
This article is from Nursing Inquiry, volume 20.AbstractGAGNON M, JACOB JD and GUTA A. Nursing Inquiry 2013; 20: 60–70 Treatment adherence redefined: a critical analysis of technotherapeuticsTreatment adherence issues in the context of chronic illnesses have become an important concern worldwide and a top priority in the field of health-care. The development of devices that will allow healthcare providers to track treatment adherence and monitor physiological parameters with exact precision ra...
Downloads: 2
[texts]The elusive Heisenberg limit in quantum-enhanced metrology. (Volume 3) - Demkowicz-Dobrzanski, Rafal
This article is from Nature Communications, volume 3.AbstractQuantum precision enhancement is of fundamental importance for the development of advanced metrological optical experiments, such as gravitational wave detection and frequency calibration with atomic clocks. Precision in these experiments is strongly limited by the 1/√N shot noise factor with N being the number of probes (photons, atoms) employed in the experiment...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Asymptotically optimal purification and dilution of mixed qubit and Gaussian states - Peter Bowles
Given an ensemble of mixed qubit states, it is possible to increase the purity of the constituent states using a procedure known as state purification. The reverse operation, which we refer to as dilution, reduces the level of purity present in the constituent states. In this paper we find asymptotically optimal procedures for purification and dilution of an ensemble of i.i.d. mixed qubit states, for some given input and output purities and an asymptotic output rate...
Downloads: 11
[texts]Optimal estimation of qubit states with continuous time measurements - Madalin Guta
We propose an adaptive, two steps strategy, for the estimation of mixed qubit states. We show that the strategy is optimal in a local minimax sense for the trace norm distance as well as other locally quadratic figures of merit. Local minimax optimality means that given $n$ identical qubits, there exists no estimator which can perform better than the proposed estimator on a neighborhood of size $n^{-1/2}$ of an arbitrary state...
Downloads: 28
[texts]Community-based organizations in the health sector: A scoping review. (Volume 10) - Wilson, Michael G
This article is from Health Research Policy and Systems, volume 10.AbstractCommunity-based organizations are important health system stakeholders as they provide numerous, often highly valued programs and services to the members of their community. However, community-based organizations are described using diverse terminology and concepts from across a range of disciplines. To better understand the literature related to community-based organizations in the health sector (i.e., those working in h...
Downloads: 1
[texts]An invitation to quantum tomography (II) - L. M. Artiles
The quantum state of a light beam can be represented as an infinite dimensional density matrix or equivalently as a density on the plane called the Wigner function. We describe quantum tomography as an inverse statistical problem in which the state is the unknown parameter and the data is given by results of measurements performed on identical quantum systems. We present consistency results for Pattern Function Projection Estimators as well as for Sieve Maximum Likelihood Estimators for both the...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Characterization of dynamical phase transitions in quantum jump trajectories beyond the properties of the stationary state - Igor Lesanovsky
We describe how to characterize dynamical phase transitions in open quantum systems from a purely dynamical perspective, namely, through the statistical behavior of quantum jump trajectories. This approach goes beyond considering only properties of the steady state. While in small quantum systems dynamical transitions can only occur trivially at limiting values of the controlling parameters, in many-body systems they arise as collective phenomena and within this perspective they are reminiscent ...
Downloads: 10
[texts]Quantum filtering for systems driven by fermion fields - J. E. Gough
Recent developments in quantum technology mean that is it now possible to manipulate systems and measure fermion fields (e.g. reservoirs of electrons) at the quantum level. This progress has motivated some recent work on filtering theory for quantum systems driven by fermion fields by Korotkov, Milburn and others. The purpose of this paper is to develop fermion filtering theory using the fermion quantum stochastic calculus...
Downloads: 15
[texts]Gutniska urkunder: Guta lag, Guta saga aoch Gotlands runinskrifter språkligt behandlade .. - Säve, Karl Fredrik, 1812-1876. [from old catalog]
Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of California and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Swedish language; Swedish language; Inscriptions; Inscriptions, Runic
Downloads: 928
[texts]Gutniska urkunder: Guta lag, Guta saga aoch Gotlands runinskrifter språkligt behandlade .. - Säve, Karl Fredrik, 1812-1876. [from old catalog]

Keywords: Swedish language; Swedish language; Inscriptions; Inscriptions, Runic
Downloads: 336
[texts]Epidemiological Investigation of Bovine Tuberculosis Herd Breakdowns in Spain 2009/2011. (Volume 9) - Guta, Sintayehu
This article is from PLoS ONE, volume 9.AbstractWe analyzed the most likely cause of 687 bovine tuberculosis (bTB) breakdowns detected in Spain between 2009 and 2011 (i.e., 22% of the total number of breakdowns detected during this period). Seven possible causes were considered: i) residual infection; ii) introduction of infected cattle from other herds; iii) sharing of pastures with infected herds; iv) contiguous spread from infected neighbor herds; v) presence of infected goats in the farm; vi...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Whole genome sequencing of Ethiopian highlanders reveals conserved hypoxia tolerance genes. (Volume 15) - Udpa, Nitin
This article is from Genome Biology, volume 15.AbstractBackground: Although it has long been proposed that genetic factors contribute to adaptation to high altitude, such factors remain largely unverified. Recent advances in high-throughput sequencing have made it feasible to analyze genome-wide patterns of genetic variation in human populations. Since traditionally such studies surveyed only a small fraction of the genome, interpretation of the results was limited...
Downloads: 3
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